Week 3 Analysis: Businesses & Audiovisual Media

The Full Sail video is designed to recruit creative students who want to immerse themselves in the tools and techniques used by their chosen industry. The campus shots feature students working with state of the art tools, collaborating together, and having a good time too. The emphasis on educating and training students to do what they love starting the first day is not something that happens by chance, but was planned, orchestrated, and thoughtful. The video showcases people with common goals and aspirations working together to create engaging media with an overarching focus on storytelling. The faculty seem genuinely invested in the philosophy discussed by Full Sail President, Garry Jones of “teaching science by promoting art.”

Potty mouthed humor is taken to the next level promoting a potty product offered by Dollar Shave Club video. In crude style starting off sitting on a toilet, visiting a bear doing its business in the woods (using an unwitting rabbit to wipe), and intruding on the same bear later in a public toilet stall and tossing the bear a pack of wipes. The message is humorous, blunt, and tactless which makes it engaging. The idea that toilet paper is old and antiquated and that “One Wipe Charlies” are a vast improvement is stated and mocked while being promoted all at the same time. The themes and characters from the original Dollar Shave Club ad keep up the continuity and continue the brand strategy.

The idea of the flash mob grabbing and holding the attention of people going about their day is used to promote in the Science World video. The staff, volunteers, and hands on displays promote a sense of fun and adventure showcased in the spotlight of dance and music. The open and engaging space and interactive displays invite discovery of the world around us. The video promotes that all are welcome by showing people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures having a tremendously fun time, and beckoning more to join in the adventure. Their message that learning is and should be fun is clear from the first to the last moment of the video.

All three videos are created and displayed for the purpose of garnering interest and attention, and to create buy-in. Three vastly different subjects presented with creativity and conscious thought, not only to the product or service, but also to the prospective consumer. Making the consumer the hero (although the spotlight of a consumer on a potty may be a bit intrusive) is the goal of any media campaign and all three do this amazingly (and perhaps alarmingly) well.

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