WK4 Exploration: RISE Peer Review

Reinvention and reevaluation is a vital ability not only in today’s workforce, but also into the foreseeable future. I too am in the process of reevaluating and reinventing myself, although not because of a health condition. I am so glad that you were able to recover your sight and move forward. It shows a strength of character to move forward in the midst of an overwhelming circumstance. The ability to find workable solutions outside of the mainstream is also very much needed in media and communications. The successes we see today are so far out of the realm of commonplace. Not only must we solve problems in new ways, but we must make our voice heard, and you have taken that first step by “finding” your voice. You talk about finding other ways of communicating beyond visuals, have you considered using some of those ideas in your projects? I very much enjoyed the music bed for your project and that is certainly one of the ways to communicate outside of the visual realm. I would encourage you to explore ways to expand audio components of your projects. Studying voice, sound effects, and other audio elements could help you further develop your non-visual communications. The combination of both visual and auditory elements can take projects further, and the use of sound can be very powerful. Your experience and education along with your drive to communicate will take you further than you know.

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