WK4 Professionalism: RISE Self-Reflection

Dread of being in front of the camera has more often than not resulted in me procrastinating until the day that the project is due. I would much rather edit together a convoluted sequence of audio and video media than face myself in the screen as I am being recorded. I have never been afraid of getting behind the mic, but for some reason my own face intimidates me furiously. I think the only assignment I would have liked to have done better on, was the first video that was supposed to be included on the blog page. I had gotten in the habit of posting video projects to YouTube, but neglected that final step of posting the link to my blog.

Working on the Mac has taken some learning and research. The file system in the programs doesn’t really make sense to me. I have researched a bit, and watched some videos on Lynda.com, but I am still perplexed. It seems to me that all my assets will forever be displayed on FinalCut Pro and other programs every time I open them. I will continue to seek out the training I need to get the mess under control. I know just how valuable an organized and carefully thought out system of curating assets is, I just haven’t gotten there yet. Any specific suggestions on training or research would be greatly appreciated.

I think that for the most part there is plenty of time allotted to keep up with the assignments. I often think of that picture of a skeleton at a mixing console still trying to perfect a project. I know that in the real world there are definite deadlines, and there often isn’t enough time to get things exactly how you would like them. My main issue is learning how to use new applications quickly. An example was the Audio Recorder on my phone for our final team project. I attempted to use an audio interface so I could use an actual microphone, but unfortunately the phone was not able to interface. I instead needed to use the built in microphone. I am never happy using a cell phone or built in microphone, they simply are not able to provide the quality of audio that I am happy with. The audio recorded at low levels, but I needed to complete my portion of the project. I would have rather used a professional microphone with my audio interface, a mixer and Adobe Audition or Audacity to capture the audio, but as using mobile apps was required, I conceded.

This month has been an introduction to a great many tools on my phone and on the internet. Trying out new things can be really exciting and at times a bit frustrating. As new technology continues offering new applications and hardware, it is our responsibility as Media Communications professionals to keep exploring. Sometimes the result is a bit disappointing, while others are awe inspiring. Exploration is part of the process, and it is part of the journey.

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