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My experience with media has been centered around audio and video production and my experience in creating websites has been very limited. Using a Content Management System (CMS) allows people (like me) with little or no coding experience to build visually appealing and effective websites using much of the same skill set as word processing. Our assignment was to create a website for a fictitious business called Reel Deal Tacos.

My choice to use Wix was primarily based on my past experience in creating this website. I also took a look at reviews on the features and ease of use on Website Builders. Wix has several formats and styles to chose from, but when I finally selected the style and theme for my fictitious site, I kept in mind the strategy I discussed in my Proposal Presentation.

The template for the website allows for easy addition of photographs, text, and other assets. The site also uses a straightforward and simple menu system for ease of navigation. If you don't like the style or color of any element, it is very simple to click on the item and change it. This is helpful not only to me as a web strategist, but also to my customer who is in the business of making fabulous tacos, not uploading code and images to a website. As the business grows and content is produced and developed, the customer can make changes to the site without a great deal of fuss.

The menu was very easily customizable. Part of my strategy was to include separate pages for each course. One feature I really like in other restaurant website menus is separate pages for each course. The Wix CMS allowed me to create sub-pages in order to create a sub-menu. When I am browsing a restaurant website I like that I can just look at the appetizers if that is all I am interested in and I plan on incorporating that into the final website.

My use of other CMS sites is very limited and my experience with Wix has been very positive. I have only briefly explored other CMS sites. At this point I don't have any complaints about Wix or other sites. Pricing and features would need to be considered when using any of these sites.

I am still working on the Reel Deal Tacos website, so please stay tuned as the site develops.

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