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As part of my Editing for the Web class I was asked to first propose a plan for a website and then build a website that met those plan goals. The website was created for a fictitious business called Reel Deal Tacos. This is my second attempt at creating a website.

My website design flowed very quickly at first as I dove into the CMS. As I began to implement some of my strategies however, I found that some of the applications provided were not as easy to navigate as I had hoped. One of my classmates did a brilliant job in listing locations with map pins to show the locations of the stops, but I struggled with implementation. I hope to incorporate locations and a map with pins in my final revision. I had also hoped to create an interactive loyalty program, but ended up simply placing text inviting customers to join.

The conversion of the site to mobile was far more complicated than I considered. I tried to create a grid of days and locations of stops, but on the mobile site it displayed far differently than I had hoped. Perhaps using a table or grid would have worked more effectively than individual text boxes. There were several applications that were available for use on the CMS and I would very much like to explore those in greater detail.

I had not really considered myself as a web strategist prior to taking this class. This assignment has given me a great deal to consider and to explore. I am now looking at websites with a deeper understanding and more critical eye. I plan delving deeper into the applications and tools available on Wix and perhaps further exploring other CMS sites as well.

Please check out Reel Deal Tacos to see what I was able to accomplish.

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