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I have made some substantial changes and added several elements to my Carlyn Grocholski Portfolio website this week as a result of what I have been learning in my Editing for the Web class. My research into portfolio websites has inspired me and I have taken some of what I learned while creating the fictitious Reel Deal Tacos website and applied these to creating an improved portfolio site. I have started to learn how to curate previous projects, further develop my blog, and added links to playlists on my YouTube channel.

Before taking Editing for the Web, I was intimidated by the idea of creating a website. It was something new for me. I had contributed content to websites, but never designed or built them. Using Wix has been an eye-opening experience. I have learned a great deal about what can be accomplished along with some of the limitations of my own knowledge, as well as the CMS software. My original site was thrown together with very little thought. The changes I have made have stepped up the site to a new level.

I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish this week for this site and look forward to further changes as I continue into the second half of my Media Communications Bachelor of Science program at Full Sail University. I will further explore the tools offered on the Wix site to add content as my portfolio grows, I need to further explore automatic archiving and making sure content is updated frequently. Having a strategy of keeping things current will also help my website within search engines and will incentivize my audience to keep coming back to see what's new. I did have some difficulty with my resume, at first I was trying to make my resume look much like it does on paper. However, that is not transferred well to the mobile viewer.

I have several goals going forward with web strategy for my portfolio site. I have been considering moving away from my old Mozepy Productions name and using my name or a new business name. Mozepy means something to me, but it means very little to anyone else. Once I have a new name for my site I intend on purchasing a domain name and using one of the Premium Plans. Having my own domain name will add to my ability to be found in search engines and provide greater credibility. I have also done some voice over work and will be adding links to these projects via SoundCloud. I will continue researching portfolio sites going forward for further inspiration. In addition, I will need to continue learning and exploring the tools on Wix and additional apps.

Resumes and job search strategies have changed dramatically over the last few years, I find that my resume and portfolio will need to change and evolve. Further exploring career options that require a Bachelor's or Master's degree and seeing how applicants are applying for these positions will also continue to inspire me and push me to seek out new strategies.

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