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After several years of creating audio and video projects on little to no budget, my husband and I have decided to quietly put Mozepy Productions out to pasture. We started with high hopes and big dreams and created some really great content on little to no budget for struggling artists, fledgling companies, churches, and other customers who had little to offer in the way of compensation other than a heartfelt thank you. Mozepy was my little used high school nick-name that really took way too much effort to explain and had very little impact.

I removed as much of the remnants of Mozepy Productions as I could and replaced the image of the desert horizon, to the San Francisco Bay Area horizon. I came up with the start of a logo that I hope to build on, a pair of headphones formed from my initials. I completely reworked my resume and used the format and background to make my resume stand out. I was struggling to come up with a way to showcase my work and displayed a total of three projects on my previous website. I changed the format and created a project page with not only video projects, but an article, link to the Reel Deal Taco website, a research article, and voice-over work. I prefaced the gallery with a description of the work, tools used, and production techniques. I added a description to the blog page to help viewers understand the types of blogs to expect and created an organizational structure to the articles to further help viewers. These changes are very much a result of the feedback I received from instructors, fellow students, friends, and colleagues.

The result of these changes has made my site quite a bit stronger. As I move forward I will add additional types of projects and showcase my strongest work. I added a new Facebook page and have had quite a bit more traffic than my previous Mozepy Facebook page. I am encouraged by the comments. I added the horizon photograph to all of my social media sites and placed a photo of me in headphones behind a microphone. This was done to create a sense of cohesiveness. I also made several of my “works in progress” videos on YouTube unlisted, so only the final projects are public. I also listed all RISE reviews as unlisted. This provides a more professional overall appearance.

Three goals I would like to set for myself in upcoming portfolio courses would be to build on the concepts I am learning in my program. The first goal is one I struggle with, and that is to build and maintain a unified theme. Using the skills that I am learning, to improve my sites with visually appealing content. The second goal is to keep improving the overall quality of the content I produce. As I learn to use new media tools to create content I am learning from mistakes I have made in the past. The third goal is to talk with my previous clients and ask them to review the projects that I have created and add a review page to my website.​

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