Stories Expand Our World

March 3, 2017


As part of a youth task force, I was shocked to learn that some impoverished and rural students had grown to high school age without ever owning a book. Many teachers would provide a book shelf of free books and found that students began to explore books and reading for their own entertainment for the first time. Books are not the only place where stories can be found. Stories are little snippets shared in families, to friends, and in the workplace. Stories are all around us and come in various forms. As an assignment for my Gaming and Transmedia Storytelling class we were asked to curate 10 stories in various media forms. To share a bit of the characters, plot, and setting, and to discuss the media form. I explored oral storytelling, books, videos, films, audio recording and picture books, video games, board games, audio books and more. I hope you enjoy my presentation.



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