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My husband recently had to participate in the Folk process by rewriting the lyrics and performing a folk song with these new lyrics. He chose to re-write The Bailiff’s Daughter of Islington, based on characters we played in World of Warcraft. He wrote most of the lyrics, but I also contributed. He ended up playing multiple guitar parts and mandolin and added other instruments using MIDI. I performed the vocals. We had a great deal of fun revisiting these characters and I waxed nostalgic. When the assignment was to play a video game, I loaded WoW and started a new blood elf mage with a similar name and played for more than an hour. I got to thinking it would be really cool to screen capture elements of the story behind the song. I was initially thinking we could go in and play for free up to level 20 and act out the story in-game. The trouble is that part of the story takes place in the Arathi Highlands and it would be incredibly difficult to survive that trek at level 20. I am considering reactivating our accounts for a month to create a music video for the song.

With all this inspiration behind me, I felt compelled. We have not played WoW for close to three years. My main reason for stopping was my class load and workload. Raiding till 3:00 in the morning is not conducive to keeping up with school work and staying focused at work. I had returned to school and wasn’t able to keep up anymore. When I started at Full Sail, that class load became even more intense. I had a great time revisiting the game and further exploring the story of the Blood Elves and the Sunwell. As a side project, I plan on creating the music video and posting to my blog.

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