Content Marketing Business Vision and Scope

Content Marketing is story telling in a journalistic style that is primarily focused on generating interest in a product or service. This type of marketing uses multiple media platforms including video, audio, social media, blogs, and more to reach people and build buy in. This business would be service oriented with the product being various media types. This company will be best known for high quality and engaging content based on thorough research and excellent customer service. As the owner of the business, my role would be to learn as much as I can about the customer’s business, to learn about their story, to find out what impact the organization has made on people and communities, and to create content to tell these stories. Based on my research and the direction of the story I would build a campaign with a unified theme using multiple media platforms. Project management and collaboration with various media producers would be key elements in my role.

The main business facility would house production suites, audio and video production equipment, offices, and meeting spaces. As this business will rely on various disciplines, the business will be dedicated to building relationships by offering networking and training opportunities to contributors and collaborators. Initial meetings with potential customers can take place at our offices or at the customer’s location. The video and photography would take place on site and logistics would be coordinated from our offices. Staff and equipment would be dispatched to the location to capture raw footage.

The main location for this business could be located in a major metropolis on either coast, the south-west, or mid-west near an international airport, and in an area with an influx of media providers. Further research into an ideal location would be required. Initially customers may be local or regional, but ultimately could expand to international customers. Another consideration on the choice of location would be access to conventions. This business will be a constant presence at conventions to promote services and further generate interest in content marketing to a wide audience.

Customers would include private, state, and regional universities, manufacturers, research firms, restaurant chains, retailers, and others, who want to share more than a snippet or teaser on their product. Content marketing digs deeper into the stories of these businesses and their relationships with customers and communities than a typical advertising campaign. The content created is far more reaching than a special sale or release of a new product and should generate interest not only on a product or service provided, but on the organization as a whole. A defining element of this business is relationship building and collaboration. We will provide forums and networking opportunities for media producers to build their skills and businesses. As a result, brainstorming and innovations can not only benefit our customers and their projects, but our partners and their businesses as well. In this expanding world of media our partners would include audio and video production companies, photographers, graphic designers, writers, web-development specialists, financial and accounting professionals, and more. The company would provide consulting services and require consulting services.

As a Media Communications Bachelor of Science student at Full Sail with limited experience, this business may be several years in the making. I need to cultivate and develop relationships with like-minded and experienced professionals on my path to creating this business. Some of the relationships that I will pursue and nurture will be with my Full Sail instructors, alumni, and fellow students. Some of these relationships will be nurtured in internship, project, or employment relationships. As I have taken my first steps into this genre, I will continue to hone my skills in writing and media production with class assignments, as well as volunteer or paid media projects, and projects created as part of my portfolio. The main facility would be required in order to take on more than project based work. Before the official launch of this business facilities and systems would need to be in place.

As I contemplated the idea of creating a business plan for this class, I reflected on previous entrepreneurship opportunities I have pursued. I recognize that in order to launch a successful business I need to take my passion, temper that with experience, and draw in collaborators and consultants to build a business that has the potential to thrive. Businesses do not survive in a vacuum. As I build my experience and relationships, I will need to build buy-in from potential collaborators and partners. This in turn may provide a resource for funding, either by drawing on knowledge of financing from partners, or by providing an investment opportunity. Other areas of funding may be project based, loans, or other investment streams.

The culture of this business will be one of relationship building, on-going educational and training opportunities, innovation, and partnerships. I have seen many businesses fail as a result of stagnation. When tried and trusted is relied upon too heavily, opportunities to grow and innovate fall by the wayside. At the same time risks and rewards must be weighed. Trust and mutual dependence can be nurtured by accountability and connection. Each customer and every project will build on each other’s success. The stories told and the impact of these stories on their audiences will be high quality productions and draw in audiences and build excitement and interest.

By building and nurturing relationships with investors, staff, customers, and community this business goes beyond service and products, providing content creation, and developing a forum where providers are given the opportunity to innovate and create, while drawing from multiple disciplines to further opportunities.

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