Analysis (CMS, CSS, and HTML)

Creating a professional looking website, (contrary to the the advertisements for Wix and other website design CMS providers) is not as simple as dragging and dropping and using placeholder images. Having a basic understanding of HTML and CSS can take some of the frustration out creating a site. This might include trouble shooting why something is not working, or simply understanding the limits of the programming. This course had some terrific content and I will be reviewing it again as I create my own sites.

Envoy is a program that is used at a local church in my community (Journey Community Church) to sign in children for childcare service. The system prints name tags for the children and tracks when children are dropped off and picked up. This system is also used at Food Bank of Northern Nevada to track volunteer work hours and activities. This system is user friendly for visitors. The site uses white space well, providing a crisp clean user experience, the images show the program in use, the icons seem simple and clear, and has extensive links to the business, resources, departments and other content.

This site, like the others I am comparing was was listed as one of 28 outstanding examples of CSS by Jenn Lukas (2016). The images displayed showcase projects that this creative agency has completed. The site took minimal to a new level. The about section was bold and “in your face,” although the style is not something I would be first to try, it was certainly a way to capture and audience’s attention. The site was a bit frustrating to me.

This site captured my interest because I am interested in exploring tools that help make project management tasks easier to manage. The site used the different color schemes for the background, logos, and text making it very clear you had switched menu items. The page clearly listed price plans and blog on the top left menu making these easy to get to. Social media is present on each page and the home and price plans as well as the main menu all had an invitation button to start a trial. The images displayed also clearly represented elements of the project management system to visitors.

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