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My client already had a working portfolio site*, but I wanted to improve on the site by including contact information, audio and video project links, additional biographical information, resume, and improved overall look. Some of the ideas I came up with in my proposal still need work and I would value feedback.

Music and Sound Landscaping


  • Were the clients company aesthetics observed?

  • The client already had a color scheme selected but the original site was not consistent with the use of these colors. By having a style guide in place the site has become far more consistent. The consistent use of fonts also helped the overall consistency of the project.

  • Was the user Interface enhanced?

  • Much of the user interface is the same, although the audio project and video project pages allow the user to really explore the projects.

  • Was the user experience elevated?

  • The menu is now easier to manage and no longer has drop down menus.The overall consistency of the site is improved.

  • Was the user experience elevated?

  • I added the SoundCloud and LinkedIn social links on the header and added the SoundCloud link for additional audio projects. One aspect I am not fond about on the site is that as the user scrolls up the menu disappears. This appears to be a standard element on Wix.

  • Were you able to meet all the provisions outlined in your proposal?

  • I still need to work on a testimonial page, along with an instrumentation and sound effects page, this may be something I will need to work with my client to complete as that content is not yet available.

  • What was the most challenging part of the process for you?

  • Maintaining a balance of what I think the site should look like and what my client would like the site to look like. It is difficult to offer improvements to a site to the client when they are the one that originally created it. Keeping a positive perspective and balancing what I think would be an improvement versus what my client like in his original site was challenging.

  • What aspects needed more research?

  • I will need to research further on how to keep the menu at the top of the page while scrolling.

  • How did you improve the clients site?

  • The main issue of improvement is that previously there was no way for my client's audience to reach him or to further explore his work. There was no contact information at all and no social media links. I tried to convince my client to also include his YouTube and Facebook links, but after discussing with him it does not appear that these are professional. My client may need to create more professional social media channels.

  • How did you improve the site analytics?

  • Including contact information will allow my client's audience to reach him and a more organized portfolio with links to various projects may increase interest in my client's work. I believe that the addition of testimonials and and instrumentation and sound effects may keep users on the page longer.

*The original site for reference is

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