Approaching Graduation

In August of this year, I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Communications from Full Sail University. The latest additions to my my portfolio are designed to help me in pursuing a career in the Entertainment business. I came up with three goals to help propel me in this direction.

Goal #1 – Create References Document

Create a list of five references including past supervisors of both employment and volunteer work. Contact each to let them know I will be graduating from college in August 2018 and will be looking for work in the entertainment business. Create a document with design elements that match resume and cover letter with contact information and a note regarding my relationship with each reference to provide to prospective employers upon request. Complete this document by March 4, 2018.

Completed March 3, 2018

I reached out to 10 people who had supervised my employment, volunteer roles, or projects that I had worked on and let them know I was approaching graduation and asked each to write a letter of recommendation. I also let them know that I was planning on using excerpts of their recommendations on my website. While some are still composing this letter, I have added snippets of one to my website and followed up with each to give them an example of what I intend to do with their references. Based on the responses I will have a document that I can provide to prospective employers when asked for references that will include up to five of the most relevant references for the job I am applying to and I will have snippets to include on my Reviews page. This list will continue to grow as my projects continue to grow.

Goal #2 – Optimize LinkedIn to help recruiters find me

I have sent out resumes and cover letters with very little interest or response and I want recruiters to seek me out. I will complete the course “J.T. O'Donnell on Making Recruiters Come to You” by March 4, 2018 and implement what I learn by making changes to my resume, cover letter, reference list, and LinkedIn profile by March 14, 2018. I would like to see a marked increase in search appearances as a result of these changes on my LinkedIn profile. So far after implementing only a few of the recommendations, I have noticed that my appearance in searches has grown from two to 18 and I am just getting started.

Completed March 3, 2018

After optimizing my LinkedIn account I have seen a marked increase in search appearances. Prior to making these changes I had very little activity in in search appearance activity. Prior to making changes, I had two. After making a few changes the following week I appeared in 18 searches. After making all the changes I proposed, I appeared in 41 searches. I will continue to monitor and make changes as appropriate.

Goal #3 – Create a target list of 10 dream companies

I have previously been single minded in my approach to job hunting and have targeted only a few companies. Expanding my list of dream companies may open far more doors for greater opportunities. Reviewing companies through Glassdoor and LinkedIn, along with conducting research on employee satisfaction and company information may help me to see a greater job market. This will also help me in an interview when I am asked what I know about the company. I will create a list of at least 10 dream companies and include job search sites along with other contact information. This list will be on an Excel workbook with information on any applications including position, applied date, closing date and other relevant data. This will be completed by March 14, 2018.

Completed March 11, 2018

After conducting research, I have composed a list of 10 dream companies and included job sites and contacts for each. This list will continue to grow as I move closer to graduation and conduct further research. I have begun to follow these companies on LinkedIn and have gained additional insight as I have read and explored each of these companies posts on social media.

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