Moving On

As a child, I moved a lot. When I got married and had a child, I craved security and stability. That led to our family moving to Fernley, NV. Our son is now in college and he will be starting his first full time job, and I am looking to start a new career with the experience I have and a soon to be acquired Media Communications Bachelor of Science degree. I have not moved in close to 18 years, and to be quite frank the prospect of downsizing, packing up, renting or selling our home is a bit of an overwhelming prospect.

Change is a part of life and in the midst of change there are the ups and downs akin to a roller coaster ride of emotions. Strategic change (as opposed to change for the sake of itself) leads to greater opportunities and greater challenges. Every day I talk with people moving to and from Hawaii. They take their vehicle, their belongings, and their hopes and dreams across the Pacific to a new life that may be very different than the one they are accustomed to. I see this next stage very much like that. Taking my life across the wild, blue expanse of ocean into a new and strange world. Hopefully without crossing a physical ocean to do it.

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