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I created my professional Facebook page in February 2017 and began sharing posts of my YouTube videos, links to my website, and images from content that I created. I had some initial likes, but I didn't seem to gain any substantial likes or other engagement. I was a bit disappointed in the results and spent much of my time on other channels. After meeting with my Career Advisor at Full Sail, I began to put more attention and effort into my LinkedIn profile. I noticed that I was appearing in more searches and discovered some of the job seeker tools. During my latest class, New Media Formats, I have found some of the reasons for the lack of interest and some additional tools to help build interest. Over the last couple of weeks I have seen some traction with my Facebook page and I am building a strategy to use three social media channels to help me build my audience, pursue networking opportunities, and to learn about prospective career opportunities. As a result I have used Facebook analytics tools to explore the results.

This week we are creating a Social Media Calendar with a plan of action including regular posting on three social media platforms, developing engaging content, and building our audience by providing consistent and quality content. I plan on posting content to LinkedIn once per week on Mondays, twice per week to Facebook on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and at least one new video per month on YouTube. In addition, I will add content to my blog once per week on Sundays. By using Saturdays to manage projects, conduct research, and organize content I should be able to meet my goals. As a starting point I used a template offered in class to come up with a game plan to share content.

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