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My strategies for developing my career plan include sharing my passion for media and entertainment, continually developing my skills, and building my network. A great deal of emphasis throughout my educational journey has been based on entrepreneurial strategies. Building a personal brand, articulating that brand, networking, marketing, and finally selling that brand are all vital components to a successful career strategy. Networking may be the most important component, as most employers are not interested in hiring a stranger. They are far more interested in hiring someone that they know or who comes highly recommended than a stranger who may be more highly qualified.

I have lived outside of the San Francisco Bay Area for several years and many of the contacts I had, have moved on and some I have lost contact with. New connections need to be made and existing relationships need to be reestablished and nurtured. Part of my marketing strategy is to connect with and build relationships with people in the industry. I will also be seeking networking opportunities through events, workshops, and conferences. Communication is the skill I would like to bring to the table. My communication needs to showcase that skill whether through social media, website, or in person.

My goal prior to starting my degree program was to work in the entertainment industry as a communications professional, but it soon became apparent that the employment opportunities I was interested in required a Bachelor’s Degree. Upon completion of my classes later this month, I will finally have that degree. By implementing these strategies, I am moving towards the realization of my goals.

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