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After completing two courses (Learning LinkedIn by Oliver Schinkten and Personal Branding on Social Media with Karen Leland), I further updated my LinkedIn profile and added two boards to my Pinterest account. I have been far more consistent in the last couple of weeks with sharing posts, liking, and sharing content that I believe will be of interest to my audience. I have been adding companies and groups to my Interests on LinkedIn and have been connecting with fellow Full Sail Alumni and instructors to further build my network.

One group I recently joined called is called Marketing, Sales, Social Media and PR Innovators Innovation Network by This group caught my attention because Innovators and Innovation are both listed in the title. One of my passions is innovation. When something can be done more effectively and have a greater impact, in a way that has not been tried before, then that innovation is really exciting. I will be checking out the articles and posts in this group further in the next couple of weeks. Productivity is a very powerful concept and one of the keys to success. However, productivity that is hindered by lack of innovation can mean that a company or individual could be held back from greater success. Projects or tasks that are time or labor intensive often can be dramatically improved with innovation and strategy. We need to make innovation and strategic planning a priority in order to take our business and personal lives to the next level.

The other group I joined is the Film & TV Tech Professionals group. Technical professionals in Film and TV are in high demand, and the skills they bring carry over into many aspects of media. From websites to Social Media channels, technical professionals are the experts needed to take media to the next level. An idea is only and idea if there is no means of making it happen. Technical professionals are expert problem solvers and can take an idea or problem and work out the details needed to make it happy. Again innovation at work in the realm of the technical.

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