Integrative Learning: Portfolio Revisions & Strategy

A portfolio is a constantly evolving gallery of projects showcasing the works of an artist. It tells a story, often in various media. In years past, this portfolio was something that was hand carried to prospective clients or employers before returning to the artist’s studio. Today this portfolio can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The works displayed can be further scrutinized and observed without the artist being physically present. Prior to attending Full Sail, I had a YouTube channel with videos uploaded that displayed some of the work that I had created or partnered in creating. Throughout my Full Sail journey, I have added to and curated videos available on my YouTube channel. In addition, I have created a portfolio website featuring some of my video projects, my resume, some reviews of my work, and a place to display my writing samples in the form of a blog. Finally, using LinkedIn I have an easily searchable document displaying not only my resume, but links to featured projects. These three elements compose my virtual portfolio. In the last few weeks, there have been some changes to all three that help further tell my story. As graduation approaches, all three will continue to transform as my career unfolds.

One element that will change upon graduation will be my home page. I plan on revising my bio to help further develop my story with my graduation date and next steps. I will also work on updating my photo. I would like to have a photo of myself in headphones in front of a microphone, but perhaps having this photo staged and photographed by a professional photographer will help my image to come across in a more professional way. I have previously considered offering a contact page, however my contact information is available in both headers and footers of every page. One option I have considered is incorporating a subscription option so that visitors are able to get updates when additional blogs are posted. An idea for an additional page would be an Audio Projects page featuring my voice over and narration projects. Perhaps featuring photos relevant to the projects would be an addition to consider with an audio clip player immediately below the photo. As the scope of my work expands, my portfolio will expand as well. I have a good start for a career long portfolio.

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