Pursuing a Dream . . .

  • Be realistic.

  • Do you know how many job listings there are for what you want?

  • Have you considered the medical field?

  • You are too young to pursue that!

  • You are too old to change careers.

How many times have well-meaning friends and relatives put up these obstacles and road blocks in my life? I tried to accommodate or appease, but I still felt the same way I have always felt. I believe that my passions, skills, education, and drive keep propelling me back to the same path. I received a well-intentioned letter from a relative who was attempting to help me put my nose back in the same old corner, but I am determined to one-day frame it and display it as a badge of honor. By paying attention to all of the distractions and diversions, I have moved farther away from my dreams.

I decided to do something about it and focus on the path of my own choosing. I went back to school and completed my Bachelor’s degree. Throughout my work experience, I took every opportunity I could find to incorporate my dreams into my daily grind. I have experience, drive, skills, and tenacity. I have sacrificed my dreams on the altar of reality too many times. It is time to take my future into my own hands.

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